About eSkills


eSkills is a Swiss company specialised in the development of digital learning.

We design your digital learning solutions using the most innovative technologies.

Why are we different?


  • You’ll appreciate our capacity to simplify and clearly explain the most complex topics, using the most appropriate learning media.
  • We love listening to and understanding your business, your challenges, your area of expertise. We enjoy experimenting with new technologies and reinvent the wheel so that each project is unique.
  • All our deliverables are home-made and top-notch: instructional design, graphic design, multimedia production, etc. We are multi-taskers and that’s what makes our job so much fun!
  • Our efficiency might surprise you! We enjoy working at full speed in our eLearning factory based in Eaux-Vives, in Geneva. We guarantee Swiss-made quality and never fail to meet the deadlines!
  • We love sharing our digital learning skills with our clients.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help your team.
  • Discover our development process explained in an infographic.



Annick founded eSkills in 2012. Passionate about learning and technologies, she has over 15 years of experience in developing innovative learning solutions. Her key strength is to interpret a learning requirement and translate it into an effective digital learning solution. She is a multi-disciplined thinker, selecting the most appropriate creative treatment and technology to achieve the highest quality output for each client.


Bastien is responsible for eLearning design and development. He’s piloting projects, from needs analysis to launch. His unique international experience has developed his ability to address any type of audience: he worked as a consultant in California, in social finance and fair trade in Africa and Latin America, before joining Apple training department in Paris. He’s curious about everything, and is particularly interested in the synergy between technology and education.


Maréva is our e-learning designer, in charge of designing and developing projects. Multitasking, she owes this versatility to her career in multimedia engineering, UX design, graphics, documentary production, photography and web development. Passionate about digital learning, she juggles with digital media to script and develop fun and engaging training modules. He creative mind, curiosity, rigor and strong technical knowledge makes her the “Swiss army knife” of the team.


Jenay  is our talented illustrator. She’s capable of synthesising complex processes in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, and designing any situation with a sharp sense of humour. Under her pen, brushes or at her table, each eLearning project becomes unique.

Our network

Our network is made of talented international experts

We are proud members of The Swiss EdTech Collider