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Discover our fully customizable e-Learning course on the new regulations governing financial services in Switzerland.

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This training is recognised by the SAQ as part of the Wealth Management Advisor re-certification (CWMA)

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    What is it all about?

    Do you know FinSA? This is the Federal Law on Financial Services, which entered into force on January 1, 2020. It regulates the behavior that financial service providers must respect towards their customers. Each client advisor has an obligation to know the rules of behavior set out in the law.

    You can of course suggest to your employees to read the law a few times. Or offer them our 100% digital, case-study based training. A simple and fun way to understand the new regulation and how to comply with the new code of conduct.

    In addition, a test will enable them to validate their skills.

    Projet sur étagère : LSFin - Loi sur les services financiers

    The expertise

    We have designed this training in collaboration with the best experts in regulatory training to provide you with an accurate deciphering of FinSA.

    As experts in digital training, we have built an interesting and effective experience for your staff to get trained with pleasure.

    Understanding the practical implementation of a regulation is always more important to us than a lesson in theory. This is why this training is mainly based on case studies. You will have the opportunity to discover the mechanisms of the law step by step, but above all, apply it!


    At the end of this training, your employees will be able to:

    • Classify customers according to the main principles of FinSA.
    • Distinguish the principles and objectives of FinSA/ FinIA classification.
    • Apply the rules of behavior in the provision of financial services to clients.
    • Know and comply with the “Best Execution” rules and FinSA organizational rules.
    • Validate their skills through a certification test.


    The training includes:

    • Interesting case studies that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the law and exercise its mechanisms.
    • A downloadable guide to analyze the profile of your customers.
    • Interactive computer graphics to assimilate the main principles step by step.
    • Links to legal texts.
    • A certifying test, SCORM compatible.

    The content is fully customizable. This is the specificity of all our e-Learning solutions.

    For example, it is possible to integrate your own customer profile analysis form and your regulatory specificities.


    The training is available in:

    • French
    • English


    The training lasts about 2h.

    The law on financial services (FinSA) aims to improve investor protection. It defines rules of conduct regarding the offer of financial instruments and the provision of financial services and creates a level playing field among financial service providers.

    Our 100% digital training has been specifically developed for financial service providers to be able to comply with the law. Thanks to FinSA e-Learning, in 2h, your employees acquire the skills necessary to understand and apply the law.

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