Client: Ville de Genève

Date: 2021

How do you welcome your newcomers? Perhaps with a welcome program, an integration path, an orientation or an onboarding  ? Whatever name you give it, the objective of this program is always the same: to offer your new employees the information that allows them to be quickly operational and efficient.

However, have you thought about making your life easier by digitizing, at least in part, this program? Digitizing your onboarding program allows you to save time, money and better welcome your new employees.

In 2021, eSkills designed a new digital online onboarding programme for Ville de Genève.


The Challenge

  • Face-to-face onboarding requires a lot of time for coordination and logistics
  • Significant costs involved for face-to-face-training e.g. rental of sites, travelling by staff
  • Training dates may not always coincide with the arrival of new hire, who may feel unsupported and lost

The Solution

  • Design of an accessible, flexible and efficient digital onboarding programme
  • Immediate online access to information for new hires
  • Interactivity and user-friendliness of learning interface
  • Useful links to online resources for deeper information
  • Wide variety of distribution methods: a simple URL in an email, an Intranet page or integration as training on the LMS

The Result

  • Learning deployed to over 4,000 staff within Ville de Genève

What it looks like

Our Client’s Testimonial

I appreciated eSkills’ professional and human-centric approach to customer service. They were sensitive towards identifying and verbalizing the needs of the beneficiaries of the onboarding programme, and supported us flexibly as our needs evolved during the project. eSkills was also very professional a centralized project management approach: providing a single point of contact and simple, clearly defined steps throughout.

Romain Bischoff, Training Manager, Cantonal Administration of Geneva