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Being unemployed
To help jobseekers understand their rights and duties during their period of unemployment, the Cantonal Employment Office asked eSkills to develop an interactive training module.
Interaction Excellence
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is dedicated to improving the state of the world. In particular, it organizes events to connect players from different sectors and create synergies.
Geothermie2020 is the project set up by the State of Geneva and the Industrial Services of Geneva to better learn about subterranean resources in the region.
Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
The six disciplines of the International Motorcycling Federation are managed by independent commissions.
Optimising replenishment strategy
As part of Swatch Group development programme in logistics, this eLearning course focuses on optimising the replenishment strategy in subsidiaries.
Decision process in the state council
This eLearning course was developed to enable the state workers to understand the impact of their performance in the overall decision making mechanism.
Development of a series of Cross Border eLearning modules, in association with BRP. More than 50 countries covered based on the specificities of each legislation and companies’ internal rules.
Information about Geneva for migrants
An innovative and interactive approach to deliver information about Geneva to foreigners moving to the Canton.
Absence management
Inform about the correct behaviour to adopt in relation to absence management, for employees, managers and HR business partners.

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