About the agency

A few words about us

Since 2012, we have been successfully developing digital learning solutions for public institutions, governments, NGOs, international organisations, banks, SMEs, multinationals, universities and training centres.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we deliver digital training projects across Europe.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality, within budget and on time.

That’s why our clients stay with us!

our e-learning agency in a nutshell

Our mission

We create digital training courses on your company’s specific topics.

Engaging, funny, original, aesthetic, clear and precise, our creations are designed to be effective and have a lasting impact on your organisation and your employees.

Our promise

We always strive for excellence and efficiency.

We are committed to delivering your project on time and on budget.

We reserve surprises for the content of the module, not the management of the project.

Our strengths

  • Our ability to make the most complex issues simple
  • Our effectiveness in delivering workshops and co-creating training content
  • A passionate, multi-disciplinary team focused on the customer experience
  • Over 25 years’ experience in creating original digital training.

The team

Photograph by Annick Monnier-Rivkine

eSkills Founder

Annick Monnier Rivkine

Founder of eSkills in 2012, curious and multidisciplinary, passionate about education and technology, Annick has been designing and implementing innovative training solutions for over 20 years. Her key strength? Transforming a specific need into an effective solution. Her method? Applying the most creative process and the most appropriate technologies to each project.

Photograph by Bastien Médard

Digital Learning Consultant


Bastien is responsible for design and development. He manages projects, from initial analysis of e-Learning needs to implementation of the training courses which are developed from them. His key strength? Quickly understanding each company, thanks to a rich background as a consultant and trainer that has taken him from Silicon Valley to West Africa, via Latin America. His method? Synergising digital tools and education.

Photography by Maréva Aramini

Digital Learning Designer


Maréva is the “Swiss Army knife” of the team and our e-Learning designer. She designs and develops training courses. Her key strength? Juggling with digital media to script and develop fun and dynamic training modules. Passionate about interactive learning, she has practised multimedia development, UX design, graphic design, documentary filmmaking, photography and web development. Her method? Mixing curiosity and creativity, rigour and technical skill.

Photography by Jean-Rémi Fraysse

Digital Learning Consultant


Before designing digital courses, Jean-Rémi worked in concert halls and training organisations. His key strength? Using his experience as an author and a trainer to imagine innovative, stimulating and effective systems. His method? Understanding the experts from a learner’s perspective, to allow his courses to teach that expertise.

Ingénieur pédagogique

aurélie campidelLi

An acrobat with words and a master of synthesis, Aurélie is an instructional designer. She knows the secret of how to create an original learning experience. She understands how to adapt to your goals, your audience and your needs. For her, every project is an opportunity to feed her curious mind. Aurélie balances overflowing creativity with rigour and attention to detail, combined with an invaluable ability to listen.

Photograph by Christophe Albert

Business Manager

Christophe Albert

Before joining eSkills, Christophe worked for many years in the banking sector. He was a consultant in digital transformation and an account manager. He is our business manager and oversees the sales cycle, the company’s transformation and its structure. His method, finesse and precision make him an outstanding account manager (and pastry chef).

Photography by Laurie Favier

Graphic Designer Illustrator


Laurie is our illustrator. She imagines, draws and animates the visuals for the training courses.Thanks to her pencil stroke, she can add a little poetry to a banking compliance module or a touch of emotion when talking about cybersecurity! Drawing has always been her passion.
Still and animated images, design, UI, she has been putting all her artistic skills at the service of Digital Learning for over 8 years.

Hachem membre de l'équipe eskills - digital learning

Apprenti médiamaticien


Hachem is completing an apprenticeship in multimedia production. His passion for images and video led him to this career. He is of Amazigh origin and speaks French, Arabic, English, Italian, Amazigh and Catalan! After coming to Switzerland at the age of 15, he became very involved in community work. He is also involved with the United Nations through ISMUN (International Student Movement for the United Nations). His strength? An insatiable curiosity and a huge thirst for knowledge. Dedicated to learning as much as he can, he is an invaluable asset to our team.

Digital Learning Consultant

lionel clément

Lionel’s passion is storytelling. And this expertise enables him to deconstruct even the most complex concepts to make them accessible to all audiences. He is convinced that the success of a digital training project depends above all on clear communication and a collaborative approach based on the constant sharing of ideas. His method: an ability to listen to and analyse companies’ needs combined with boundless creativity!
Super hero persona of a person willing to join eSkills. He can be an Instructional designer, multimedia designer, graphic designer, storytelle or a geek.

Would you like to join us?

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Are you passionate about your job and fluent in both French and English?

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Since 2012, we have been the e-Learning partner of companies, public sector bodies, universities and international organisations in Geneva, Switzerland and across Europe.

Thank you for your trust!

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