The Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA/LSFin) entered into force in January 2020. This is a new financial law in Switzerland aims to: The FinSA/LSFin has significant impact on financial services […]
Thinking of coming up with a new course on public speaking? Or an online academy for your company? No matter the content, creating a digital course is a great way […]
For many skiers, off-piste skiing is the ultimate experience. The thrill of riding on fresh powder, far off the beaten tracks, discovering new places far away from the crowded slopes…That […]
At eSkills, we believe that a great learning experience is one that all learners can engage in learning, no matter their individual needs are, including users with accessibility challenges or […]
In today’s new era of work, diversity and inclusion are increasingly shifting towards the forefront of employers’ HR agendas. With changing demographics and heightened social and political consciousness, building a […]
E-Learning Project with OHCHR Here at eSkills, we help companies and organisations from different sectors with online learning. Take a look at how we helped the Office of the United […]
Suddenly you have been catapulted into a virtual classroom, an unusual and confusing universe. On the other side of your screen are your students, destabilised, separated, and deprived of normality […]