Your training courses
in the digital era

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Unequalled solutions…

You have a digital training project?

We create bespoke training courses for you. Yes, entirely adapted to your company and your target.

Supported by with the best educational approach. To optimize impact.

Would you like to see?

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Here are some of our tailor-made e-learning solutions.

Therefore, completely unique.

And by the way, everything we do is Swiss Made, precisely in Geneva, from A to Z.

We’re magicians *

* It’s our clients who say so…

Because we transform digital learning need into an adapted and fun training solution.

Outcome: impact + effectiveness.

We take care of everything

We do not use any middlemen.

From analyzing your learning needs to launching your online training,

we take care of everything. While working with you.

Outcome: creativity + innovation.

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Your needs make our tools

Each project has its own development tool.

Ours or yours, we can adapt.

Articulate, Captivate, Camtesia, or using your LMS platform native tools :

360 Learning, MOS, Teach on Mars, InTeach MySkillCamp, H5P, etc.

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So, you want to learn?

On request, we train your teams to develop your own in-house Digital Learning solutions.

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How? Thanks to the following workshops, which we deliver in your company:

  • Getting started with instructional design
  • Develop your e-learning modules with Articulate 360
  • Develop your mobile learning modules with Evolve or Rise
  • Develop effective tutorials
  • Create a blended learning experience
  • Facilitate training in a virtual classroom
  • Create impactful visual presentations
  • Make your educational videos with a smartphone

So, let’s talk?

You have a digital learning project?

We have the solution! Tell us everything (well almost everything…)!