Tailor-made training to develop your employees’ skills and consolidate your organisation’s culture.

In a bespoke e-learning module, the content is created specifically for your audience.

Your experts speak directly to your teams to share your work processes and values.

Your employees work in a context designed for them, learning how to meet the challenges of your business.

People constructing bespoke e-Learning with 3 blocks: learning solution, instructional design and graphics and visuel design
Customized illustration.

Customised projects

At your own pace, using your own tools, in person or remotely, we manage the project with you. You will have the same single point of contact from our first meeting through to project delivery.

Together we share the overall vision for the training, the organisation of the project and even the occasional lunch.

Tailored content

Need to communicate effectively about a new compliance policy?
Not sure how to handle the sensitive issue of harassment in the workplace?
Whatever the issue, we can tackle it and we welcome the challenge!
We talk to your experts, your management team and your employees. We adapt, whatever their role in the organisation.
We digest and filter the content to be shared, regardless of its
We design the learning scenario to meet your training objectives. You validate the work and we produce it.

Selecting the most appropriate digital learning modalities to create an engaging and effective learning experience.

Our experience in instructional design and multimedia development, coupled with our constant monitoring of developments in the field to stay at the forefront of editorial and technical innovation and new learning technologies.

Illustration of the workshop with the client

Tailor-made e-learning

The power of digital for teaching

Illustration of a woman working on different media platforms

Tailor-made development

By developing bespoke media for your training,
we bring your organisation to life on screen.

  • We develop your e-learning course using your visual identity.
  • We film your experts on your premises.
  • We design scenarios around your tools, work processes, language and values.

In an era of increasingly remote working, bespoke digital learning solutions allow you to reinforce your organisation’s culture.

INTERESTED in a co-production?

Do you want to create an e-learning course to share your expertise?
We have the know-how to design it with you and make it happen!