For many skiers, off-piste skiing is the ultimate experience. The thrill of riding on fresh powder, far off the beaten tracks, discovering new places far away from the crowded slopes…That feeling is addictive!

However, skiing off-piste is risky. Every year, avalanches are set off around the Alps by people who are in the wrong place, at the wrong time, without the skills to cope.


Connecting passion with purpose is what WEMountain do best. They provide the knowledge, the skills, and the best available tools required to assess and prevent the risks of avalanches for snow sports practitioners.

Our team at eSkills assisted WEMountain to create OFF-PISTE, an e-learning course specially designed for backcountry skiers and riders, who want to learn the skills they need to ski off-piste in safety.

The course consists three modules: Avoid, React and Rescue.  Each module teaches learners how to manage and prevent risk, how to control and guide their combative instincts during an avalanche, and how to successfully manage the aftermath of a crisis, respectively.

Course Design

To create an engaging course that captures learners’ attention, we combined different activities such as knowledge checks, interactive illustrations, and downloadable documents to bring the content to life.

Wemountain Rise content

wemountain content on Rise interactive

Wemountain Rise content

The training was developed using Articulate Rise, which enables responsive content, and is hosted on LearnWorlds.

If you would like to learn more about why you should create an online school on LearnWorlds, check out our previous blog article !

Once they have completed the training, learners receive a digital certificate. This will allow them to apply their new skills in the actual field, which is known as the T-learning part of the course. Here, learners will be accompanied by WeMountain’s network of certified instructors to teach them to enjoy their favourite snow sports safely.

OFF-PISTE Course is Live!

The off-piste course (Level 1) is available now! If you would like to enrol in the course, click on the link below to assess the free trial!