Information security


Recommended by the CLUSIS, the information security swiss association.

What is it about?

An engaging experience consisting of 7 interactive episodes (real-life situations, decision-taking scenarios, videos, press releases…), a certificate and results tracking and export.


As a cyber attack generally involves the voluntary or involuntary participation of a person within the company, this training is intended to give your employees the tools they need to anticipate and avoid situations presenting a risk in information security.


Your employees will address the following topics:

  • Introduction to information security
  • Information security in the workplace
  • Uses and risks of email messaging
  • Uses and risks of the Internet
  • E-reputation and social media
  • Security and mobile devices
  • Information security at home

This content is customisable according to your needs.


The training is available in:

  • French
  • English


The training lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Each episode lasts about 10 minutes.

This training has been developed for the use of all companies – large or small, because the rise of new technologies is such that they are not always able to put in place suitable cyber security measures. Cyber attacks are becoming one of the most feared risks for companies, affecting more than a third of Swiss companies.
This 100% digital training is recommended by CLUSIS, the reference in Switzerland in the field of cyber security. Established as centers of expertise, the association brings together more than 400 experts who work on greater information security and regularly share their research with Swiss companies.

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