Anti-money laundering


A ready-to-use training course specific to the swiss market, based on FINMA’s directives. Developed with Geneviève BERCLAZ, lawyer specialised in AML and former employee at FINMA.

What is it about?


Your employees will be able to identify situations presenting risks in term of:

  • Money laundering
  • Terrorism financing
  • Prior tax offense infractions


Your employees will address the following topics:

  • Case studies inspired by real-life events
  • Legal background and law articles
  • A certification (SCORM compatible)
  • Results tracking and export

This content is customisable according to your needs.


The training is available in:

  • French
  • English


The training lasts for approximately 1h30.

How to access the training?

You can access the training through our Learning Portal, or install the modules directly on your LMS.

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