Thinking of coming up with a new course on public speaking? Or an online academy for your company? No matter the content, creating a digital course is a great way to monetise your skills and experience online, and to scale your business to new heights.

However, sometimes just the idea of creating a course may already sound daunting!

Does this sound like you…?

“How do I even come up with course idea? How do I translate my knowledge into cohesive curriculum? And how can I even sell a course if I know nothing about branding and marketing? ARGH! **chucks idea to back of head**”

But in reality, creating your own online school is much simpler than you think!

This is where LearnWorlds comes into the picture.

Having used this platform to create our own eSkills Academy, we were surprised at how easy it is to build an impressive-looking online course, even with just basic tech skills. AND It doesn’t even have to cost you a fortune!

In today’s blogpost, we will be reviewing Learnworlds in detail, by evaluating all the features that this platform has to offer for creating and selling online courses.

By the end of this LearnWorlds review, you’ll have a definitive answer to whether it is the right online course platform for you or not.

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one cloud-based platform to create, promote, and sell online courseware. It’s a SCORM-compliant online course builder with advanced features for e-learning web design, interactive video, ecommerce, social, analytics, and white labeling.

Who Should Use Learnworlds?

Learnworlds is beneficial for any businesses, training centres and universities who are setting up their online school.

But that’s not to say large organisations won’t stand to benefit from LearnWorlds! In fact, companies’ staff can use Learnworlds as to conduct corporate training projects, including client education and staff training. It is a much lighter-weight alternative as compared to cumbersome LMS systems.

Here’s deep dive into the top 10 reasons why we recommend using LearnWorlds to design and create your online course!

Benefit #1: Fully white labelled 

white label solution is a product or service that is developed by one company and subsequently passed to another under its own logo, brand and identity.

Unlike Udemy that host your classes or Skillshare that sell classes to others on your behalf, LearnWorlds is fully white-labelled. This means that only your branding is shown on the course you created.

Why is this important when creating and selling an online course?

Because it reflects brand authority and credibility.

Put yourself in the shoes of your learners. Would you feel more confident registering a course from an online school that reflects its own voice and identity, or a random tutorial hosted on other websites?

Moreover, even if it might seem more straightforward to host your course on big brand websites, there are limitations to this approach, such as limited payment systems or being restricted by the existing teaching interface.

By using Learnworld’s features, you are able to design and brand a course that is uniquely your own!

Benefit #2: Easy to Design and Brand Your Course

A eye-catching website is essential these days to stand out from the stiff online competition. Luckily, LearnWorlds’s one-of-a-kind Online School Site Builder provides tons of tools to help you configure your online school/academy in minutes, even if you have no coding or layout expertise!

For example, using the Theme explorer feature, you can choose preset themes and customize the colour palette, typography, buttons and layouts to make the website  distinctly reflect your brand identity.

With an amazing resource library of widgets and hero templates, you can mix and match the readymade site sections available such as products, offers, testimonials, instructor profiles, and a contact page. Simply pick the layouts that showcase your online school in the best light!

In fact, this was what we used to design and create the eSkills Academy! Looks cool, isn’t it! 😉

eSkills Academy

Benefit #3: Easy-to-use course builder

LearnWorlds has an easy drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to build your course content. To do so, simply add a lesson, select the lesson type, then upload your content into the lesson.

You can choose from a variety of options from videos, audio fles, PDFs, quizzes, surveys etc. You can even embed video and audio files from Youtube, SlideShare and SoundCloud.

Here are four powerful features that stood out to us in terms of designing impactful learning experiences:

Live lessons via Zoom. With a native integration with Zoom, you are able to create a live zoom session or upload a zoom webinar inside your course area. This works even if your students does not have the Zoom app on their devices.

 Interactive Video Editor: This tool allows you to inert interactive elements inside your videos e.g. questions, buttons, and links. Especially refreshing for students, since they can reflect and interact with the video content, rather than just watching the screen passively!

Built in Social Network: Impact online-learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but rather within an interconnected social network. Instead of the old-fashioned model where the instructor simply throws content at the students…You can actually create a small interactive community in your LearnWorlds School.

Using discussions, group functions and messenger functions, students can interact with instructors and one to another communicate, be guided, or just stay updated on your school’s news!

learnworlds built-in social network

Digital Certificates: You can easily design a digital certificate which your learners can download upon completion of their course. For those learners keen to share their latest learning achievements…They can proudly share their digital certificates on Facebook, Twitter or add to their Linkedin profile! Another way to help your courses go viral 🙂

Benefit #4: Comprehensive Marketing Tools for Selling Courses

Now you have your course created. But that’s not the end, because you’d still have to promote and sell it! LearnWorlds also has comprehensive marketing tools to help you up-sell and cross-sell your course.

For instance, you can create coupons and launch early-bird promotions to encourage sign-ups.

You can also dangle other flexible enticing offers and payment options, such as discounted subscriptions, monthly/annual payment plans!

eSkills Academy coupoon

Benefit #5: Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Without analytics, is is impossible to track the outcome of your course,  your learners’ achievements and your marketing efforts.

LearnWorlds has a analytics dashboard that anlayzes how students interact with your courses. It tracks key indicators such as student behavior, course progress, and completion.

learnworlds analytics

Learnworlds also has native integrations with Google Analytics and Mixpanel, which provide insights to better optimize your entire sales funnel.

For example, you can analyse who your audience are, where they come from, and what their interests are.

What’s even better: you can actually download professional-looking reports, with useful statistics that can also be used to present information on marketing brochures to promote your course success.

Benefit #6: Fully Responsive Templates

Your learners are likely to be accessing your course from hundreds of different devices of varying screen sizes and form factors. Luckily, LearnWorld offers seamless and highly responsive designs that are functional across all screens.

Now you don’t have to worry about your course looking like a disaster, be it on an iPhone or an Android tablet!

And this is brand new, there is even the opportunity to create your own App !

Benefit #7: SCORM Compliant

LearnWorlds allows for the integration of SCORM files. This is an important feature: you can easily develop a course with your favorite authoring tool (Articulate Storyline, Rise, Adobe Captivate, etc.) and integrate it into your learning pathway.

Benefit #8: Reasonable Pricing

LearnWorlds is available across three pricing tiers, starting at $29 per month for the Starter plan. The Starter Plan could allow some bootstrapping course creators to get started on a low budget. There are no limit to the number of users and courses that can be created on the platform.

To our knowledge, this is the best value on the market!

learnworlds pricing


Benefit #9: 24/7 Customer Support

Website down? Slow loading pages? When you need some help with troubleshooting, you can count on LearnWorld’s robust customer support team which offers helpful, and knowledgeable support to their customers. Their customer support includes 24/7 phone and ticket-based email support.

On top of that, there are also extensive training materials and guides that you can refer to for quick fixes.

Benefit #10: Free 30 day Trial

LearnWorlds offers a chance for you to test out its platform for 30 days before committing to a purchase. This worry free trial period is yours to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and related tools.

Here’s your chance to get a 30-day trial of LearnWorlds today!

Get your Free 30 Day Trial Here!

Some Cons

Nevertheless, that is not to say that LearnWorlds is without flaws. There are certain aspects that we think have room for improvement.

  •  At the moment, accessibility features are still limited on the platform. Keeping in line with the spirit of promoting diversity and inclusion at the workplace,  it could be improved with more speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities to cater to students with disabilities.
  • With so many different features and information on various dashboards, using LearnWorlds for the first time might be especially overwhelming for beginners.But again, don’t be intimidated by this, and take your time to learn. Once you master it, you’ll be clicking through the different tabs and functions in a breeze!


If you are keen to find out even more about how to use the LearnWorlds platform, good news for you! There is an upcoming e-workshop on 25 October on How to build a High Converting Landing Page in 1 Hour.

The experts at LearnWorlds will teach you how to:

  • Create a landing page without tech-skills
  • Write copy that sells
  • Convert visitors to customers

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Creating and selling an online course can seem like a huge challenge and an expensive project for a businesses. Thanks to thoughtful all-in-one solutions like LearnWorlds, building digital courses online is now simple and accessible for all!

Overall, we think LearnWorlds is a great option for people who are stepping into the world of selling online courses.

Would you like to create an online course, or set up digital academy for your business or company? We are here to help! At eSkills, we provide consultancy services to help you get your online school running using the LearnWorlds platform. We have successfully helped numerous clients in designing the e-learning website, creating the course curriculum, and in planning their marketing campaigns for their online school course.

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