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The Musée d’ethnographie de Genève (MEG) has been awarded the THQSE international label (Very High Social-Social-Health and Environmental Quality) at the highest level of excellence. This makes it the first museum in Europe to be awarded the THQSE label! This label certifies more than 15 years of social, societal, economic and environmental actions carried out by the museum. A great reward!

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Since the MEG obtained this label, it has been much in demand from other cultural institutions (museums, theatres, etc.), which would also like to follow this path towards greater sustainability and also obtain the THQSE label. MEG receives many requests for information about its approach, which are pertinent but often repetitive.

In order to respond to each of these requests and to encourage other cultural institutions to follow its lead, MEG has come up with the idea of distributing explanatory material to institutions that request it, answering the questions that are most frequently asked.

Are you starting to see what we’re getting at?

As you may have gathered, this is where eSkills comes in, armed with its e-learning training skills.

MEG’s brief was very clear: it was all about sharing experience. The idea was to create a digital training module that would be both pedagogical and informative, to share the approach that had been implemented so that cultural organizations could benefit from the lessons learnt: how to tackle the task, examples to follow, good practices, and so on.


No sooner said than done, the eSkills team set to work to imagine a digital medium offering clear answers, with an intuitive and fun user interface. To achieve this, we started with 4 key questions that were frequently asked, to which we provide answers with key information following a logical flow. The navigation is designed to be intuitive, guiding the user to the various key milestones. For the design, we’ve stayed in tune with the world of culture, with pretty illustrations that are 100% made in eSkills, with poetic overtones, to help visualise the different stages in answering the questions.

As a bonus, we’ve included audio statements from Carine Ayélé Durand, director of the MEG, which adds a truly immersive dimension, ideal for getting to the heart of the responsible and sustainable approach.

The module is fairly short and can be shared easily ( no more attachments, which are far too heavy to send by email). The idea was to give cultural institutions all the keys they need to start a sustainable and responsible approach, by getting straight to the heart of the matter.

Formation développement durable


From now on, MEG can distribute this interactive content as soon as they are approached on the subject. Note that the module will be translated into English to widen its distribution and involve more institutions in the approach and perhaps towards obtaining the THQSE label!

Have you got an e-learning training project or do you need a customized digital learning module?