Sample images of the Welcome Program module, created for the City of Geneva, on a computer, tablet and smartphone

City of Geneva

Onboarding program

Digitising your induction program saves time and money and avoids the need for a series of PowerPoint presentations during face-to-face induction sessions. Make this session a real moment of sharing!

In 2021, the City of Geneva entrusted us with the digitisation of its welcome program.

The goal: to transform the equivalent of a day’s worth of face-to-face content, consisting of a series of presentations, into an exciting training program with a strong identity that conveys the company’s culture.

The program was designed as a digital ‘compass’.
The experience is embodied through video interviews, photos and testimonials.
Each topic can be explored in more depth by consulting additional resources.
Information is easily updated.

Launched to over 4,000 employees of the City of Geneva.
This program is accompanied by a half-day in-person reception designed to encourage interaction.