Opt for effective digital training!

We create digital training courses adapted to your needs and your environment.

That goes without saying. But we also make them effective.

How? By taking a fresh look at each project to adopt the best pedagogical approach.

Why? To immerse your employees in fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Trust us with the design of your e-Learning experiences



Interactive modules with gamified activities based on everyday situations


Mobile learning

Modules designed for an optimal experience on smartphone, tablet or computer



Modules designed according to an effective separation for learning activities available at the right time



Rhythmic experiences with videos, activities and quizzes


Blended learning

Courses designed to optimize the complementarity between the digital landscape and instructor-led courses


Performance tools

Video making tools, resources, flash cards or other formats adapted to "just in time" training

To recap’, we develop impactful modules, thanks to our expertise in training engineering, our storytelling techniques, our sense of aesthetics, our gamification tools and our attention to detail.

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Why create your digital training courses with eSkills?

  • Unique and effective, our e-learning courses enable you to improve your employees’ performances.
  • Experienced and passionate, our team is expert in innovative training design.
  • Complete and permanent, our monitoring allows you to follow all the latest trends in digital learning.

Would you like to see?

Do you want to learn how to design online training ?

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Discover our online academy.

You can complete the training on your own or mentored by our experts team.

Note that the training is available in French only!

On request, we train your teams to develop your own in-house Digital Learning solutions.

Our workshops:

  • Getting started with instructional design
  • Develop your e-learning modules with Articulate 360
  • Develop your mobile learning modules with Evolve or Rise
  • Develop effective tutorials
  • Create a blended learning experience
  • Facilitate training in a virtual classroom
  • Create impactful visual presentations
  • Make your educational videos with a smartphone
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So, let’s talk?

You have a digital learning project?

We have the solution! Tell us everything (well almost everything…)!

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